minecraft math

A couple days a go we started making minecraft math.What that is ,this is when you 1st  you have to make a minecraft character on grid paper and colour it. 2nd count all the pixels that you used for your character. 3rd we counted  all the different colour pixels for example red 123/254. The 1st number represents the all the red pixels the 2nd represents all the pixels. The last step is when you make a back ground.

body maps

we are doing a body map in school. This is when you make a body map about a system in your body, my group is doing the digestive system. The 1st thing we did was treys some ones body and then cut it out. were still working on the digestive system. I will show you guys a picture when we finish.

Olympics 2014

Today  at school we watch the semi-final men hokey game  USA vs Canada . I was cheering for Canada and of course Canada won! And there moving to the gold medal game versing  ether Sweden or Switzerland. I am hoping Canada wins the gold! Lets see who well win. GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good sportsmanship

Today I will be talking about good sportsmanship. So when I played soccer when I was 7 and when we went to the championship my team played for the gold medal. But I remember we lost but we showed really good sportsmanship that game because every goal they got we were like nice shot or nice goal, And even at the end we all shook each others hand an said good game and they won it in a shoot out. But the only thing that mattered to us is we only played for fun.

Welcome to my blog

Hi I am Ethan if you like gaming come to my blog  I will be making this blog for people to start and now me better. I like video games like call of duty ghosts, minecraft and lots more. I am in grade 5 and this will go to grade 12. I will be posting more awesome stuff soon. see you later dudes!